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It seems the time has come that I start making my thoughts known to whoever might be listening out there via the sometimes informative, sometimes controversial, often ridiculous medium of blogging.

After investigating several services and open source blogging web apps I’ve chosen to give a try as you can no doubt see if you’re reading this post.

I was leaning towards a hosted service from the start as I have grown very weary of maintaining servers and apps in my ‘old age’.  Google’s Blogger (formerly Blogspot) and emerged as the two best candidates for a ready-to-use, free, hosted blog platform that suited my needs.

I came across some nice comparisons with many user comments including this Pulsed post and Squidoo lens.

In the end I went with WordPress for a couple of reasons:

  • I don’t plan to ever have ads.
  • It seems to be widely used.
  • Most WordPress blogs I saw seemed to be cleaner than Blogger’s (whether that’s purely a function of the themes or the type of creators each attracts I’m not sure)
  • I can deploy it myself if the need arises.
  • Alfresco supports posting content to WordPress out of the box.

It shouldn’t be too tough to switch if I can’t stand it, but so far I do like the service/app.

I’d imagine the content here will consist primarily of brain dumps about enterprise java, open source integration, general technology thoughts, and the occasional rant.  I’ll apologize in advanced for the terrible vocabulary and grammar.

I hope it’s useful to someone.

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