Jungle Disk Command Line 86ed in 3.0

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=thumbs+down&iid=5214086″ src=”5/d/1/f/Crowd_Looking_up_4343.jpg?adImageId=9910668&imageId=5214086″ width=”234″ height=”299″ /]My favorite backup program/service, Jungle Disk, is a cross-platform app which uses AES-256 encryption and stores files on either Amazon S3 or the Rackspace cloud (though I currently can’t find any reference to the Rackspace option on their site).

Unfortunately they have ripped out one of the main reasons I turned to the solution in the first place, a simple command line interface in Linux, a decision aggravating many of their users.

I find it hard to believe the original developer would have supported a decision like this, but alas, Jungle Dave has left the building.

Rackspace, the company who purchased Jungle Disk, does seem to be willing to add the feature back into its most expensive Server Edition of the product, but hasn’t yet shown much interest in reinstating it in the other versions.

The latest release that still supports the CLI can be found here and the readme in the release guides one through setting up a mount point via FUSE.

Let’s hope Rackspace adds the CLI back into Jungle Disk 3.0 soon so we can all get our headless back up back on.

Update 20100216: According to responses in the forum thread it seems the Jungle Disk team will be returning the CLI to the product in the next release, and there was much rejoicing.

Update 20100314: On 20100305 Jungle Disk announced 3.05 was available.  I’ve finally gotten around to playing with it and it seems to work as expected.  Thanks JD.